Searching for Mr. Good Drive

Pardon my pun on a movie title, but in that seemingly never-ending quest to find that perfect weapon that can hit the fairway with a 70% consistency, I (and my wallet) have been through a fair share of drivers.

I’ve tried them all -at one time or another these have all been in the bag…
The Adams 9064LS – 9.5* With Aldila RIP Alpha – Really liked this one, but launch angle was too low so tried a Miyazaki Blue 60g stiff

Ping G10 – 10.5* with a Fujikura Motore F1 75G X-Stiff
Shot my lowest career round ever (75) using this driver in match play in 2012. Gave this one to my father when I acquired the TaylorMade R11S – he hits it so straight.. which is strange given the X-Flex shaft.

Ping G15 – 10.5* – Upgraded Adilia Serrano Shaft, shaft split at the head… not so much of an upgrade — UPDATE: Jeff  JohnsonPruneridge Golf was able to have Ping Warranty the broken Shaft – Thanks Jeff

Nakashima HTec – Matrix Ozik on this one – Wow, talk about stiff… and sounded like i was hitting an aluminum softball bat on contact. – Update – Sold on Craigslist

Nike SQ5000 – Hit my longest Drive Ever with this one – 369 Yds, drove a par 4 – and then 3 putted for par.. yeech!

Callaway Razr-Fit Xtreme – 8.5 with an X flex Aldila Trinity 60G at the recommendation of the squid at GolfSmith. –  Update – Sold on ebay with Diamana ‘ahina
Sorry – wrong loft and flex, numbers looked great on the launch monitor… but in reality, was terrible on the range/course.

TaylorMade R9, R11, R11S, R1 & RocketBallz -Thank God for the R9/R11 Tips – Easy to change shafts and try them out once the tips are installed
Just bought a new R1 with a Fujikura Fuel 60G shaft. Also ordered a Miyazaki Dromos 60 G Stiff Shaft and had an R1 tip added to the 2nd Kusala Blue shaft.
And along with that came a number of differing shaft combinations –
FujiKura Motore F1 & F3 with R11 tip.
Graphite Design Tour AD-BB
70G Stiff – Sold on Ebay
Miyazaki Kusala Blue – 60G – Definitely a keeper
Diamana ‘Ahina & Kai’LiNot the made fors, but the real deals totally different feel between these two
–   ‘Ahina is very stiff in the tip
–   Kai’Li has a soft Tip & butt.. might be good for my 3 wood.
ProForce V2WAAAAYYYY too stiff – felt like I was swinging a tree trunk

Nothing seemed to be able to correct my case of the rights… but I think that I have finally found the one – a club that actually turns left without making too much of an effort and also gets into the air for a prolonged period of time, that is, when i hit it properly.

The Rocketballz Tour 10.5* Head configuration with the Miyazaki Kusala Shaft seems to be the one. I’ve had it in the bag for about 10 rounds and hit it straight and LONG.  I’ve totally decided that this is the gamer – its looking pretty good as of today. More later… Will be participating in Bill Mykytka’s Driver’s Education class on July 28th with this combination to find the proper launch and spin rates.

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