roster for Sunnyvale on 2/23/13

From Barry:   Tee Times for Sunnyvale

Is anybody ready for warmer weather? Maybe we’ll have some thaw by Sunnyvale. Below is a list of those signed up thus far. Remember, you can chose you playing partner(s) for Sunnyvale. After that, it’s based on the order of finish from the prior tournament. There are a few names missing from this list, so I expect to be adding players between now and play day.

Adessa, Frank Aguiar, Larry Asborno, Adam Asborno, Tony Blalock, Robert
Campos, Oscar Cancilla, Joe Chan, James Connelly, Tom Cooper, Len
Davila, Bob Dennison, Ron Dorsett, Rick Elliott, Rich Fleshman, Steve
Grech, Peter Green, Ken Griffith, Glenn Hackett, Stanley Hedquist, Barry
Hyland, Ralph Johnson, Ray Kees, Shawn Mabey, Dawson Martinelli, Wayne
Michel, Ruben Piatt, Jeffrey Piatt, Stephen Ramage, Ed Rivas, David
Sakamoto, Tal Schroeder, Paul Silverman, Alan Stange, Denny Sudduth, Byron
Vanderbyl, Bill Welch, Charles Zakareckis, Bill Rick Johnson(G)
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