glad to be back on the best coast

Lucky to get out of the east coast prior to the “Storm of 2013” and made it back to CA on Thursday. Good thing – Westford office closed on Friday – all flights cancelled for Saturday and 3 feet of snow.   Got a chance to play at Cinnabar Hills (Lake-Canyon)  P8302293on Saturday. Was probably the worst day I’ve had in years. shot 107.. my driver swing let me down all day – was hitting from poor lies or 3 off the tee, topping everything. Only saving from this round was 2 chip-ins from just off the green on Lake #4 and #9 – the other was my driver swing was on 18.. hit a nice draw about 260 yards. Unfortunately, since everything was going right, i had aimed left of center and ended up down the hill on the left. found the ball and hit a nice 6I to about 120 yards.. left the wedge short, buried in the face of the bunker.. blast out and then missed the putt for a 6. really the story of the day – hit one good – two bad.

Playing at Poppy Ridge today. It has to get better than yesterday. 1st round of match play at poppy on 2/24.   Going to try out the new Adams Idea Black CB3 irons today.

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