wow – a new post for 2014.

ok – so the last post was made a while ago.. a lot’s changed since then. Have been meaning to keep this up a little more this year. will certainly try harder.

I ditched the Taylormade Irons in January, but did upgrade to a SLDR Hybrid, and thanks to the great folks at the Dublin Golf Mart, and their 90 day playability guarantee, traded out the Speedblades for a set of Callaway Apex Irons with UST Mamiya Recoil shafts in an F4 flex.


These babies are like cheating. They sound great, compress the ball like nothing else, are extremely forgiving on mishits and I’m 10-15 yards further on each club. Did i mention they feel like butter and I’ve started to get some serious backspin when they hit the greens.

I’ve also put a SLDR 430 Driver, that i found on the used rack at the San Jose Golfsmith, into the bag for 2014. Thanks to whomever didn’t like that club. It’s been easy to hit long & straight. I bought a new Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver 60S shaft from JD’s clubs on Ebay (jdserres) for cheap, and i’m not looking back.

I decided not to rejoin the Cherry Chase club in 2014 as the courses scheduled weren’t that appealing and I’m playing a lot with the GCAM Tour and NCGA e-clubs, so just didn’t think i needed another commitment for golf.

I’m walking more this year, trying to get out and walk once a week, even if it’s just 9 holes after work, which is pretty easy now that the days are longer. I’ve dropped about 20 pounds and am feeling really good about everything except my putting. Really need to work on the 6-10 foot range and get that down solid.

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