RIP Max – 5/25/96 – 7/2/14

I know this is supposed to be a golf blog, but today Sally and I had to take Max, our 18 year old Norwegian Forest / Viking Cat, to the vet for a final time. He had been losing weight for more than 6 months, was deaf, and it was time. Max had been with Sally longer than she has been with me.  He was always under foot, obnoxious, crotchety and lately annoying as he was always crying about something, but he was also loving and playful, would lay on the couch and snuggle with us, would knock over my tea glass if i left ice in it, leave his white fur everywhere, and I’d never seen another cat of his breed prior to meeting him in 1999.


Sally’s pickle nosed pie-boy

This morning instead of waking me up by crying for his breakfast and ice cubes, he was laying by the closet in one of his favorite spots. I put food in his bowl, and ice cubes in his water dish, and thought it was strange that he wasn’t getting up to go to one of those places. I went over, picked him up and stood him near the fancy feast. He wasn’t interested and instead went back over and laid down near the hallway closet door.  About 11:30 Sally called 4 times and texted me that Max was not well. She got up and found him lying in his litter box. He crawled in and just stayed there, definitely not normal….


on the floor earlier today – 7/2/14

The Vet stated he probably had failing kidneys and was dehydrated, even though we put out fresh water with ice cubes for him every morning and afternoon. He also said he had a heart murmur and that we had made the right choice and spared him some suffering to come.

I will miss him calling to min_or_oute in the morning to feed him, and I will miss him standing at the back door scratching to get out, then walking away after I opened it for him. The cartoon to the left is certainly appropriate – He never could make up his mind – In or out dammit… I think he did that just to piss me off..

I joked yesterday that I would be glad when his time came so I wouldn’t have to hear him constantly yowling at me every time I walked into the kitchen, but Sally and I will both miss him. I’m just glad that he held on until Sally returned from her weekend trip to her sister’s.  I told her that he had waited for her to come home so he could say goodbye. We still have Mande, our 10 year old female calico, but she also has noticed that Max didn’t come back with us.  RIP Max – may you finally catch those catnip mice and lay in warm green fields.

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