SJ Muni – 7/25/13

Wow – So who’da thunk it?? the low round of the year so far.

So, Rick’s off to Paris for a week with the family and I’m scheduled to play with Lawrence at Franklin Canyon on Saturday for the 1st NCGA E-Club Member/Guest outing, and I wanted to see if the swing thoughts I had going on Sunday and in my wedge practice on Wednesday evening still worked, “Hit the Inside of the Ball”. So After work on Thursday I went over to San Jose Muni as it’s 1) Close to work, 2) Walkable for me and my ClicGear 3.0 cart, so I get my weekly exercise and 3) Really cheap – $26.00 to walk after 3:00. Registered as a single and was paired up with three guys that work at Tesla in Fremont.

So, first hole with no warm up, cause as soon as I pay and wet up my towel, i’m called to the tee box.. yikes!! Using the RBZ Tour head, I pull the drive left into the rough but make solid contact, about 270 yds according to the SG5, leaving about 190 to the par five. Pull the 2nd shot left also and now have about 70 yds from under a tree. make the pitch to about 15′ above the hole and miss the birdie left by 1/2 inch.. not short though.. make Par and we’re off to #2.

Hit 4 wood off the tee, and again make solid contact, a little too far and i’m through the fairway and in the rough. wasn’t concentrating and shank the 7 iron hard right. Hit a 2nd ball and pull it so hard i never see it land, just know it went way left.. glad the group in front is away from the teeing area on #3. pitch over the green and putt from the fringe, missing just a touch long and then lose concentration and miss the 3 foot come backer for double.  yeech..

Hit a great drive and PW on #3 to leave myself 6′ left of the hole for birdie. thought i had it, but lipped out and made par.  Pulled a 9 iron (Sensing a theme here or what) on the par 3 fourth and two putt from 60′, the last one from 10′ for par. nice!! maybe I can get the putter working today.

Pull another drive left on #5, but hit it far enough to get by the tree line and have a clear look at the flag. pull the 9 iron left, Was trying my best to channel my inner Phil but think it ended up Phil Silvers, not Mickelson and duff the flop as i was short sided, now just pitch on and 2 putt for double. sensing a pattern, par, double, par, par, double.. wow!

Hit a really nice 4 wood off the tee at #6 with a slight draw and ended up middle of the fairway 130 yds out. Fatted a PW and end up 30 yads in front, pitch on and miss the par saver, another bogey – I’m now 5 over after 6 holes…

I push my 7 iron on #7 and make a real nice lob shot to get up & down for par.  Same with #8, Pulled the tee shot left – AGAIN, great 7 iron just off the back fringe, chip to about a foot and make par.  9 was similar, pulled left drive, great 5 iron to 75 yds and then a fatted wedge to the front of the green. lag put from 50′ was a gimme. again get away with a Green in Reg (GIR) par.  5 over 41 on the front, not bad…

the back starts really well, carried the bunker on the left side with a nice draw on the R11 17* 4w to the center of the fairway, leaving 110 yds to the flag. A slightly pulled wedge leaves me hole high on the left with a 25′ birdie, again, just miss on the right, thinking it would break left and make another no-stress Par on #10.

# 11 has a great drive after switching to the R1, dead center 285 yds, and I don’t feel I got all of it, so there is more in that weapon. Didn’t hit the best 2nd shot, but it didn’t hurt too much, 30 yds from in front of the green in 2, a very nice pitch over the hole to 15′, barely miss the birdie putt again and another no-stress par.

Pushed the 8 iron right on #12, short-sided, hole high, fly the pitch 35′ past, but make a great lag, and it’s a 2 putt bogey, not bad for that pitch, and i three putted this green 2 weeks ago.

Another nice drive to the right center of the fairway on #13 and a great PW to 10′ for birdie, another miss just low, and another no-stress 2 putt, I’m liking the theme of THIS side.

the Drive on #14 was just a poor swing, got quick on the downswing and pulled it short and left. Was about 130 out so i thought i’d hit a nice, easy 9-iron.  WRONG – I nuked that 9 iron 165 yds from the rough (flyer) and ended up on the back fringe. I decided to putt it from there, and left it 10′ out on the left, just missed the par attempt and settle for another 2 putt bogey.

15 got back on track, nice long, center of the fairway drive.. maybe there is something to this R1 driver,  hit another 9 iron, this one came up 35′ below the hole, I think this is the first time i’ve been on this green in regulation. I leave the birdie about 6′ short, hate it when i do that, and make a good 2nd putt for par.. Wow, 6 holes and 2 over on the back.. nice!

16 had a pushed drive 270 yds onto #18 fairway.  Hit a SW over the trees and come up about 25 yds short of the green. pitch on and 2 putt for bogey. Dang. .was hoping i could get to the green in 2 there.  17 was a 7 iron that came up just short, pitched to within 3 inches just missing on the right side for another no stress par.

So now i’m standing on the #18 tee box knowing that if i can get home in par I will have broken 80 for the first time in 2013… Too bad I can’t add… I hit a tee ball right to stay away from the hazard left. Find my ball and nuke another 5 iron to 75 yds again. hit my pitch into the center of the green and it trickles down and to the left and leaves me 40′ below the hole. Watching Craig’s putt go to the right from a similar angle, i aim left of the hole and then watch in horror as my putt goes even further left, but it’s hole high and a I’m left with a 6 footer. I watch the other 2 miss their putts low on the right on nearly the same line, so when my turn comes, i put it about a ball above the cup and it goes down for par. Nice!!

I think I’ve just shot 79, but i really had shot 41-39 = 80. So not quite the sub 80 round, but a solid 8 over (tying lowest over par this year). Really good for a Mid Summer Thursday afternoon round. Low round of the year so far, beating out the 81 at Shoreline at the end of June, Who’da thunk it at the beginning of the round..


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