So I got really tired of playing poor golf early in 2013 and decided to take a golf break to Santa Barbara. So I hopped in the Ford with my clubs and some clothes and took off down the road to pay a visit to the Golf Made Simple School at the Rancho San Marcos Golf Club in early June. The weather cooperated and it was cool and in the 70’s on two of the three days. Had a great 3 day school where I had the instructor, Chris, all to myself. No one else had signed up for that week. Went through all of the drills in this Level 1 class and was striking the ball with my irons so much crisper and with a smooth, almost effortless,  fluid swing. I have picked up on the fact that i need to hit the inside of the ball with the driver in order to keep it on a straight line and am concentrating on that swing thought while on the tee. It’s worked lately, as I am striping the ball with very little variation from my intended target.

The keys to GMS is learning to make a consistent swing for you. Nothing about swing paths or swing planes, but easy drills on how to control the club without compensations and to make solid contact with the ball – then the turf – to improve distance and accuracy.

It’s worked as I have shot my lowest scores of the year, an 81 and am consistently in the low/mid 80’s. Even shot 83 at Bayonet from 6700 yards. My USGA HCP Index has gone from a 13.3 in April down to a 10.2 as of July 15th. With a couple of breaks I could easily be shooting scores in the mid to upper 70’s. Just learn to get into a rhythm and find your pace.



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