Jeff Johnson – Pruneridge Golf

Jeff Johnson - PGAJeff Johnson is a really pleasant guy and a great Golf Professional. He always makes time for me and I have been going to see Jeff occasionally since 2008. He fitted me for my first set of Pings and even though I don’t have those clubs anymore, I still like going to see him when i need someone to give me some comments on my swing. Since I pulled a number of shots left last weekend I want to see if Jeff could help me figure out what was going on.
I sent Jeff an email and he got back to me right away with a time that worked for us both. I went to see him and he had me make a small change to my right hand grip position. I worked on it and started hitting the ball much straighter. Will continue to work on the position tomorrow and Friday so it’s dialed in for the Sacramento Am Tour championship over the weekend.

I can highly recommend that if you need someone to look at your swing, Jeff can help you out. They have full motion video and side by side video comparisons to touring pros so you can see where you need to position your club in the swing. He won’t try to change everything, just very subtle changes to work on at a time. 


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